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About Us

If you are interested in a premium teacher’s training organization that helps teachers build their resume, then AP Teachers Teaching Institute or the APTTI  is your answer! The APTTI  offers internationally acclaimed online teaching courses for teachers who want to carve a niche in the education sector. With a vast collective expertise of qualified academicians, APTTI  is known for its courses in various subjects and areas of interest.

Our Strengths

With academic mentors from across the world, APTTI has received guidance from academicians in Asia, North America, Africa and the Middle East. We strive to offer the best knowledge to teachers in various subjects. The APTTI  has been accredited and endorsed by well known academic institutes and organizations. All the courses are designed and taught in keeping with the global teaching needs.

Our Courses

There is a wide array of courses that are offered here at the APTTI .

  • We offer the TESOL and the TEFL courses.
  • We also offer pre and primary teacher’s training, Montessori teaching experience and nursery teaching experience too.
  • If you are a qualified educational professional with a knack for early childhood and kindergarten teaching, we have it all for you.
  • We also offer Special Education teacher’s training for those who need special assistance and guidance.
  • We also offer educational administration training for select teachers who have the skills and the interest in administrative affairs of running a school or a college.
TEFL Course in India

Why choose us?

If you are interested in the best of training with a modern curriculum, we set the bar high! Our courses are well designed and our dedicated pool of mentors helps tweak courses to perfection! We allow teachers to take up classes in our academy. In case you would like to pursue an online teaching course, we also offer that for candidates that are spread across different geographies. The certificates are recognised across the world and we have created a standard that is hard to replicate!