APTTI Alumni

TEFL Course helped me frame my future. I found all the methods of TESOL useful. The trainer gave us comprehensive feedback.
Supriya Vijay Shinde
It is awesome experience and it will give the confidence and be helpful to express our ability in an explorative way
Vijayarajeswararao Kativarapu (Rajesh)
ESL Trainer
It was an enriching and once in a life time experience. The TEFL Inclass Course was enriching and enhancing.
Suruchi Chandran Bahadur
Cheers!!! APTTI Anindya is a mentor, who inspired hope, and develop a person for learning.
Oorvi Thacker
Soft Skill Trainer
My experince was amazing.The learning material was really informative which helped me develope my teaching skills.My mentors were very helpful too.
Aviva Jacob
Course: Certificate in TEFL / TESOL
It was enriching and fulfilling to me personally to be present here and work with the peers and trainer. All the exercises and activities were new to me and challenging. We only see the tip of an iceberg as a student the effort behind the classes of a teacher.
Antony John – Trainer
Course content was really useful and informative. Gained the knowledge of all 3 teaching methods. Easy to follow. Awesome experience. Learnt a lot especially the techniques of teaching (TESOL).
Sarah Margret.P
Lecturer at Nizwa College of Technology, Oman
"It was very informative and useful but I suggest the study materials should include more modules for practical experience"
Zohra Jiwani
Course: Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training
Enough practice and guidance was given to follow teaching techniques to make the class more effective and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole course right from the day one till the end. The teacher encouraged us throughout to get out the best from us. Cheers to all that made this experience fantastic.
Steleen Pramod
Worked as a Teacher in Oman for 14 years.
his was my first experience to do any online course. I am a very satisfied student of Aptti. I want to thank Soumya for giving her help throughout with all the administrative issues and being available for me whenever I needed. My teacher and senior mentor Ms. Sudipta and Ms. Arpita were always ready to help me out whenever I was stuck. I am glad that I opted my PG diploma in SE from your institute.
Tanu Nahata
Course: PG Diploma in Special Needs Teachers Training
It is really worth appreciating the whole team APTTI for the timely guidance through out the course. Thank you so much.
Jaisy Thomas (Dubai,UAE)
Course: Diploma in Special Needs Teachers Training
"It was very good. I did not face any difficulties while doing the course. I am very happy about it. Thank you so much."
Rebecca R
Course: Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training
Peer teaching and teaching practice observation and feedback by the trainer were the best aspect of the training. I would better say mentor My Short quote about my experience "The trainer is a better mentor than a parent".
Srinivas Pasupuleti
Lecturer at Nizwa College of Technology, Oman
It was a very good experience...as the response from tutors and supporting staff was very quick...where ever u stuck they r 24/7 available to help u out.
Sheetal Gehani
Course: Diploma in Special Needs Teachers Training
It was a good experience with APTTI. I am very happy I have done the course with APTTI. I have learnt a lot during the course it was very interesting . I would like to Thank the team of APTTI. A special Thanks to Mr Duplessis for his guidance, Ms Soumya who has convinced me to join this course, Ms Sudipta who helped me in all my difficulties and Tanni who has given me access to the modules.
Erinna Cardoso(India)
Course: Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
Staff was quite supportive. Theory material was quite satisfactory but felt it could have been little more eleborate on Montessori study and apparatus. Overall satisfactory experience.
Meenakshi Manglani (Hyderabad,India)
Course:Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
I really had a good time learning this course.thanks to my course evaluator Sudipta and also Jess for encouraging me all the way.
Adejinmi Obianuju Racheal
Course: PG Diploma in Pre & Primary Teachers Training
The course was very interesting and effective too. I learnt and gained a lot of information through this course though I have been a teacher for 17 long years. I thank all the staff of APTTI for their support and especially special thanks to Ms.Sowmya, Ms.Sudipta and Ms.Tanni.
Aparna Kotra
Course: Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training
It was intense and effective, the course is useful for all teachers who would being in their efficiency to use.
Alekya Pratap
APTTI is very much appreciated for the full support and assistance. You are one of the best institution which I dealt with.
Anjana M.G Nair (Trivandrum,India)
Course: PG Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
"I had a very good experience doing your online course and I want to always keep in touch with you people because I had the most amazing feeling doing this course. I thank you very much and would like to request you to help me to get my certificate validated whenever it is required."
Vinayak Revankar
Course: Diploma in Special Needs Teacher Training
The teacher training was the best aspect of the course. It makes huge difference in our teaching practice. I highly appreciate the fact that the course curriculum is structured and designed in such a way that it puts great emphasis on the practical aspect of teaching than on theory. Because many a times learners may know the concept well but find it extremely hard to put them into practice. The gap between theory and practical is successfully bridged by this course. It was a great experience.
Tejaswini Zumbre
Teacher of English in Hongkong for 10 years
It has been a very wonderful experience for me with APTTI. Course material, video classes, supporting staff and especially my Co-Ordinator Sudipta Madam's help in completing my course easily. Everything is excellent. My sincere thanks to APTTI management and staff for introducing such great and useful Courses.
Mohammed Gous Pasha
Course: Certificate in TEFL / TESOL
It's a wonderful experiences with u ma'am thank u for ur support. It's easy nd can understand easily...but classroom study is more better..THANKU
Archana Harshad Shetty
Course: Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
" It was a wonderful experience doing an online course with an amazing tutor like Sudipta who not only helped me in explaining things but made me very comfortable in finishing the course. Thanks a lot APTTI for providing this course "
Almas Zehra
Course: Diploma in Pre Primary Teacher Training
Peer teaching, teaching practice, training co-operations in guiding was the best part of the course but the material given needs clarity and improvement. Practice makes perfect. Continuous revision fills the maximum requirement.
G.V Seshavatharam
Teacher at DAV Public School, Telengana
I loved the part that we are learning while doing the activity. The most important thing is that we are rectifying our mistakes. Sudipta Ma’am was excellent.
B. Sarala
It was amazing and the team is very friendly and very effecient had a lot of fun thanks guys at Appti
Bradley Lobo (India)
Course: Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training
Teaching in the class with TESOL experience was the most useful and wonderful thing. It gave me insight into a TESOL method being used in the class. It was a delightful experience attending this course. I learnt a lot of things that I was not aware of. I would carry this life long.
Rajani Gandha Jain
I enjoyed the workshop. I liked the way the teacher or the guide spoke softly and how the apparatus was handled. I also felt that the Montessori materials gives a hands on experience to every learning.
Kalpana Singh
It was wonderful learning experience throughout the course where I could gain the knowledge on Montessori Teaching Methodology and this has been very useful to implement in my real time work. I thank the Mentor and Coordinator for the learning.
Jayashree Ganapathyraman (Chennai, India)
Course: PG Diploma in Montessori Teacher Training
Mr. Anindya's practical class of TESOL way of teaching was the most useful. The tips coming in between were superb. A solution to my academic problems in Oman.
Ratna Manikya Valli Gambheer
Lecturer at Nizwa College of Technology, Oman
It was great to work with team TEFL. But, I personally believe that the Course Material could have been developed better as this course is globally valid. Special Thanks to Sudepta, Jess and TannyRoy for providing me with dotted line guidance.
Vaishali Thakker
Course: Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training
Well it was my first experience with online studies which I have never done before but I truly enjoyed very much with the study all the materials and the modules without any pressure. Each module was interesting and informative which can be implemented for our kids too. I would like to do other related course which helps me to grow.
Sheetal Joshi (India)
Course: PG Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training
Peer teaching and teaching practice have been the most useful aspect in this training. A good trainer makes good teachers.
John Bunyan
Lecturer at Nizwa College of Technology, Oman
" I am Siva and my experience with TEFL course is good. The team is very interactive and supportive. I wish to continue with the same relation in the future and do more courses as and when required. "
Siva Rama
Course: Certificate in TEFL / TESOL
This course very nice. l am getting more creative ideas. because of doing this course.
MURUGAMMAL (Chennai, India)
Course: Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training
Teaching practice, Peer teaching was the best part of the course. The trainer is a source of inspiration to become a better teacher.
Rajendar Yemula
Lecturer at Nizwa College of Technology, Oman
(i) Body-mind exercises (ii) Placing apparatus in its own place gently (iii) Four rule letter writing explanation (iv) Rhymes that she took Sudipta ma’am very actively engaged us throughout the wokshop with positive energy.
Swathi Nagumalli
I enjoyed and learned each and every movement of the course. I really appreciate the hard work that has been put up by Sudipta Ma’am. Thank You.
Shailaja. K
"I am very satisfied with your support staff as without your support I could not have completed this course. In future I am also interested to do a PG course from your institute."
Gayathri K
Course: Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training
The activity part was very interesting and gained good experience through the whole session. It was lively, knowledgeable, informative and was dealing with the practical life. It had real life instances which helps in the development of a child. And learned way of Teaching in a very pleasant, playful and patient manner.
Shakeeba Baig
I enjoyed every bit of the workshop. The workshop really helped to grow, learn and to explore our childhood again. It was a great learning experience and I am glad that I can implement Montessori in our Curriculum now and prepare the child for life.
Deepika Agarwal
I loved the practical demonstration of different apparatus. It was a great session each day wherein I learnt the style, setup & different activities that Montessori follows. Sudipta Ma’am is a wonderful trainer who helped us understand the methodology in such a way that I am confident to take up a Montessori Class.
Sumera Hussain
The workshop was very effective. It was just not about knowning about the apparatus but also about dealing and giving kids freedom of choice. Thank you for the wonderful session.
Seema Sharma