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Assessment is often the key area in a course. They help educators understand the level of understanding a learner has. It is the extent to which a learner is appraised for his or her learning. At the APTTI Academy, we have experienced tutors that help up the learning curve of the learner. Some of the best tutors who guarantee the best evaluation of assessments are part of the entire process at the Academy.

No matter what the course you undertake at our teachers training institute, we offer the best evaluation. This is a neutral assessment that enables us to know about your weak areas and pay more effort where required. The concerned tutors often correct any mistake while you appear for tests and often mail across the documents to students. You get the certificate once all of your projects are assessed. You can interact with teachers via email of even get in touch with them via chats and video calling. In case you have queries, you can always talk with tutors directly.

We offer 24/7 online tutor support when you pursue a training course at our institute. You can ask any question freely and tutors are always online. Feel free to question them on anything related to the program and get all information through the 24/7 tutor assistance program. There is the live chatting and conferencing service available for our students. You can also contact toll free numbers and communicate with teachers to receive immediate response. Drop in a message and tutors will get back to you.

The online tutor support is not just meant for resolving queries and problem solving, but also helps guide learners in their chosen and charted career path. You can get full knowledge on how you want to go about your job search and our tutors can guide you on the right path. You can expect to get full knowledge and information if you approach a tutor. He or she will guide you on the job placements and help you accomplish your career goals. This is a must in our academy.

The assessments actually help you to understand exactly where you are lacking and identify the room for change. Once the assessments are well documented and sent to learners, you will be awarded a globally recognised certificate that will garner a lot of new job opportunities internationally. You will be able to teach in a globally accepted environment and gain kudos!