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Undergo Primary School Teacher Training For a Career With Great Perks

Do you wish to have a rewarding teaching career with attractive benefits? Are you on the lookout for ways to become a successful primary or nursery teacher in the near future? Pursuing an accredited teacher training course can be the key to a prosperous career with numerous perks. Thinking about what makes a career in teaching so beneficial? Take a look below to learn everything you need to know!

Primary School Teacher Training in India

Whether you want to help children become self – aware individuals or just love teaching to young learners, joining an effective teacher training program can be an informed career decision. From developing the essential teaching skills to learning about classroom management and lesson planning, undergoing primary or nursery school teacher training in India can help you in numerous ways. What’s more, pursuing a teaching career can be more beneficial than most of the other popular career options.

Check out the key benefits of being a school teacher!

5 Benefits of Undergoing Primary School Teacher Training in India for a Bright Career

  1. Great Job Security

One of the greatest perks of the teaching career is excellent job security. Though the specific requirements may vary from one school to another, there will be no dearth of opportunities once you establish yourself as a good educator. Unlike many other industries, downsizing is a very rare occurrence in education. Making a career in teaching can thus be very beneficial.

  1. Educators Earn a Solid Paycheck

While it’s true that teaching is not an occupation where you can get rich quickly, the starting salaries are comparable to many other professions. Studies reveal that public school teachers are paid more than the average professional worker. A career in teaching even offers opportunities for increased pay-over-time and advancement. Opting for primary school teacher training in India can thus qualify you for high-paying teaching jobs.

  1. Reasonable Working Hours

With students spending just six hours a day, teachers tend to spend less time on their job in comparison to their corporate counterparts. Unlike those 8 – hour workday corporate jobs becoming 10 – 12 hours a day, a teaching career can leave you with more time for your friends, family and other interests.

  1. Ability to Share Your Passion in The Classroom

Do you still remember the teachers who inspired you to put in extra time and efforts simply because you loved what she taught? That’s the magic which happens when teachers share their enthusiasm and excitement with teachers. The ability to share your love of the subject matter with your students is one of the key benefits of becoming a teacher by pursuing a teacher training course for pre primary in India.

  1. Serious Vacation Time

Another great benefit of making a career in school teaching is that you will have serious vacation time unlike your friends with corporate jobs. From the long summer vacation and Puja break to the winter holidays, teachers get to enjoy serious vacation time all throughout the year. And, when you think about this great advantage, your pay – check will indeed look better.

So what are you still here for? Join a reputed teacher training institute and start preparing for a lucrative career!

Why is It So Important To Get a Diploma in Teacher Education?

Do you wish to adopt school teaching as your full-time profession? Getting a rewarding teaching job in a primary or pre-primary course school can be the experience of a lifetime. But, are you unsure about the path to embark on for making a career in teaching? Pursuing a diploma course in teaching can be the key to a lucrative career.

Diploma in Teacher Education India

No matter whether you are a recent graduate or a mid-career working professional, making a career in teaching can be an informed decision. And, in this ever-changing competitive job market, undergoing a diploma course in teaching can make you more able to accomplish your career goals than a degree course will. From helping you develop the necessary skills to giving you the opportunity to grow your professional network; the right course can indeed shape your career.

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely pursue a diploma course to become a school teacher!

5 Good Reasons You Should Get a Diploma in Teacher Education in India

  1. Gain Experience

The biggest benefit you can reap by joining teacher education programs is to gain experience which is important for teaching abroad as a primary and secondary teacher. The more opportunities you get for teaching in a classroom full of students, the better will it be for you. This is because; it takes adequate practice to figure out lesson planning, classroom management techniques, time management and much more.

  1. Learn Latest Techniques

With new teaching strategies and techniques being researched and getting implemented in the modern classroom, learning the latest techniques is important for aspiring teachers. During your course of action, it’s important for you to learn about these and others. Taking up a diploma course can be highly beneficial since you will be able to learn about them during the course of your studies.

  1. Harness Teaching Skills

As a teacher, it’s helpful for you to have numerous teaching skills. And, when you pursue a diploma in teacher education in India, you get the opportunity to learn what these skills are and how you can develop them. Once you figure out your weaknesses, you can learn ways to improve in those areas. When you do this, it will help you be better prepared for your classroom.

  1. Less Duration

Another great benefit you can reap by getting a diploma is that they can be completed in significantly less time. While degree courses require a minimum three years, you can get a diploma within a few weeks only. Owing to the practical nature of a diploma course, the amount of time you spend on pursuing this course gets lessened completely.

  1. Network with Other Teachers

When pursuing a teacher training course, you get the opportunity to build great relationships with your teachers and classmates. This helps in applying and qualifying for good jobs. Be it getting recommendation letters from your teachers or learning about vacant teaching positions at their schools, you can benefit hugely by building a network with other education professionals.

Join a reputed teacher training institute today and take up an accredited diploma course for a bright career ahead!

Get an Online Teacher Certification for a Lucrative Teaching Career

Do you dream of becoming a teacher who makes a difference in the lives of his / her students? Are you on the lookout for ways to develop new teaching skills? Pursuing an accredited teacher training course from a recognised institute can be the ideal way to advance in your professional career!

Today, aspiring teachers can reap the benefits of professional development that introduces them to advanced and professional teaching patterns. Termed as continuing education for teachers, an accredited training course can transform teachers into better educators by helping them create relevant study material and courses for students. Moreover, when you enrol in a recognised training program for teachers in India, you can develop new teaching skills and even keep up with the latest educational standards!

Below are a few great benefits you can reap by enrolling in a good teacher training course!

Training Program for Teachers in India

Online Teacher Certification in India : Key Benefits Of Enrolling in a Professional Development Program for Teachers

  1. A Great Boost to Your Teaching Career
    Taking up a teachers training program can be the best investment for you if aspire to be a school teacher. Once you complete your course, you will be in a favourable position to apply for good teaching jobs. Whether you wish to be a primary teacher or a high-school teacher, be assured of enjoying the great benefits of increasing pay.
  1. Ability to Develop Better Skills
    Professional development can help you become better at staying organised and planning your time in the classroom. This will ultimately make you more efficient as a teacher and give you extra time to focus on your students instead of the paperwork.
  1. Promises a Hefty Pay – Check
    This is one of the greatest benefits of getting an online teacher certification in India from a reputed institute. As a qualified teacher abreast with the advanced teaching techniques and educational standards, you can be assured of enjoying great financial incentives. A certified teacher will grab the attention of schools seeking qualified teachers.

When you put your in – depth knowledge along with your teacher training course, you are assured of a great teaching career. So what are you still thinking of? It’s time to enrol in an accredited teacher training course for a prosperous career ahead!

Know What to Look For When Joining a TESOL Institute in India

Do you dream of teaching English as a foreign language to students abroad? Getting a TESOL certification must be on your mind, isn’t it? Pursuing a widely recognised TEFL / TESOL course can jump – start a prosperous ESL career. Wondering how to choose the best TEFL institute? Keep reading!

Whether you wish to pursue an online course or an in – class TEFL course, joining a good institute can make all the difference. But, with every institution out there ‘claiming’ to offer the training and knowledge required for ESL jobs, finding the best institution may be a bit daunting. This is because only a few institutes can actually provide intensive learning to students. Having a prior knowledge of what separates a recognised TESOL institute from the rest is thus helpful.

Below is everything you should seek in an institute!

Teacher Training Course in India

4 Vital Aspects to Keep In Mind Before Joining a TESOL Institute In India

  1. Is The TESOL Institute Reputed?

Perhaps, this is the foremost factor which you need to consider when joining a teacher training organisation. Ensure that the institution you are planning to join is widely appreciated for providing job-oriented teacher training course in India to its candidates. The TEFL certification offered by the teacher training school should be recognised across the world. Make sure you join an institute which is accredited and endorsed by well-known academic organisations.

  1. Does It Offer Accredited TEFL Courses?

Look for a reputed teacher training organisation which offers a range of accredited TEFL courses for candidates willing to teach English abroad. By pursuing teaching courses which are of international repute, you can embark on an ESL teaching career that is both stimulating and rewarding. Ensure that the institute imparts premium training with accreditations from academic organisations of global acclaim.

  1. How Long Is The Duration Of The Course?

To make a successful career in ESL teaching, join TEFL courses which span over 120 hours. Be wary of “weekend courses” or “three – day courses”. This is because; courses which last for less than 120 hours of training are not accepted by most countries since they do not meet the international TEFL certification standards. Enrolling in a TESOL institute in India which specialises in offering accredited TEFL courses is thus recommended.

  1. What Are The Qualifications Of The Trainers?

Another key aspect you must consider when looking for good TEFL institutes is a dedicated team of well-qualified trainers. A reputed TEFL institute will have professional teachers with demonstrable experience in the classroom. For example, a teacher who has only spent a few months abroad cannot prepare you for the realities of teaching English as a secondary language. Remember; you need to join a TEFL institute which has a team of experienced ESL teachers.

Now that you are well aware of the various key considerations which you should keep in mind, what are you still here for? Quickly approach a leading TESOL institute and take up an accredited course. Time to aim for a bright ESL career ahead!

Why Pursue a Primary Teacher Training Course For a Successful Career?

Do you love spending time with children? Is this the reason why you aspire to be a teacher? Enrolling in an accredited primary school teacher training course can be the ideal way to jump – start a lucrative career. Wondering why you should take up this course and become a primary school teacher? Read on.

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a mid-career professional, a career as a primary school teacher can be both stimulating and rewarding. But, at a time when many candidates opting for a teaching career, you need to have a competitive edge over others to stand out from the crowd. And, it is here that the need for pursuing a primary school teacher training course in India comes into the picture!

Below are a few good reasons why enrolling in a job – oriented course can be beneficial for you!

Primary Teacher Training in India

5 Compelling Reasons To Join A Primary Teacher Training Course In India

  1. Ability To Make A Difference in The Lives of Children

Perhaps, this is the greatest reason why you should definitely think about working as a primary school teacher. Teaching kids can give you the opportunity of making a huge positive impact on the lives and education of these children. And, your impact won’t necessarily disappear even after they move on to the secondary school if you become a favourite teacher of them.

  1. Teaching Young Children is Fun

If you are someone who wants to have fun at the workplace, enrolling in primary teacher training in India can be your go-to option. While it’s true that teaching kids can be a bit difficult at times, the reality is that primary school teaching will be an enjoyable experience overall. You will have the chance to use your creativity while teaching some lessons. This can be a great opportunity to have fun in the classroom.

  1. Working With Kids is Rewarding

In all probability, you have heard this being said to you before. Well, the thing about becoming a school teacher is that when you work to educate kids, you can see the positive effects on a regular basis. For example, little things like helping a student understand a difficult concept or solve a problem can be some of the most incredibly rewarding experiences.

  1. Great Career Prospects

Another key benefit you can reap by opting for a recognised teaching course in India is that it will assure of a bright future ahead. Once you obtain a certification from a reputed training institute, you will be able to qualify for good teaching jobs worldwide. What’s more, while applying for teaching positions, you will even get a competitive edge over other applicants due to your certification.

  1. Everyday Will Be Different

It’s true that there are plenty of jobs which create different challenges for their employees on a regular basis. But, only a few of them will be as challengeable or varied as the responsibility and work of a primary teacher. When working with young kids, every day can be a learning experience!

Time to join a leading training institute and pursue an accredited primary teacher training course to jump-start your career!

Taking Up an Online TEFL Course? Here’s Your Ultimate

So, you have finally decided to undergo a TEFL training program and make ESL teaching a career option. Great! Taking up an accredited course can indeed be the key to a prosperous career ahead. But, are you perplexed about the training institute you should join? No worries. All you need to do is go through our checklist below!

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a teacher who wants to get certified in a medium which is accredited globally, pursuing a TEFL course can be your most viable option. But, with a number of training institutes and courses to choose from, making an informed decision is somewhat daunting. Knowing what to look for in a course before joining can be the key to enrolling in the best TEFL institute in India.

Read on to go through the legitimate checklist!

TEFL Training in India

Online TEFL Course In India: 4 Aspects To Look for in a Program Before Joining

  1. 120 hours of training

TEFL courses offered by leading training institutes are delineated in hours. When ESL teaching jobs require applicants to have ‘TEFL certification’, what they mean is that your course must meet the international standard of 120 hours of training. Thus, you should look for institutions which specialise in offering comprehensive online TEFL courses which span over 120 hours.

  1. Accreditations

Look for a training institute which specialises in offering TEFL courses that are of international repute. When you join an international training institute which specialises in imparting premium TEFL training in India, you can be assured that your course will be accepted and recognised globally. Remember; courses which are developed by qualified professionals can help you qualify for better and high-paying ESL jobs too!

  1. Good Reviews

A great way to assess the credentials of a training institute is to check reviews online. Go through the feedback posted by past students about the institute to have a fair idea of what it’s like to pursue a course from the institute. While one or two negative reviews cannot be a warning sign, beware of institutes which have too many negative reviews.

  1. Qualified Tutors

Ensure that the institute you are planning to join has a diligent team of well-qualified tutors who can help you at every juncture. With their years of experience in offering the best support to ESL aspirants, skilled tutors can resolve all your queries and even channel the minds in the right direction. Thus, it is always advisable to take up an online TEFL course in India which is taught by a pool of qualified tutors.

  1. Time Commitment

Depending on the free time you have available for dedicating to a TEFL course, choose a class format which fits your lifestyle. Another factor which you must take into consideration is how long you intend to teach English abroad. Remember; even if you wish to live abroad for a few years only, a TEFL certification is necessary.

So what are you still thinking of? It’s time to enroll in a leading TEFL institute and take up an accredited TEFL course!

Why is Enrolling in a TESOL Program in India Worth The Value?

Have you been researching teaching abroad options lately? Well, for people willing to live and work abroad, teaching English as a foreign language is indeed a popular choice. The rising global demand for qualified English speakers has created numerous English teaching jobs across the world.

But, with a plethora of information out there, are you confused about whether to pursue a TESOL course? Wondering if you actually need a TEFL certification for working as an ESL teacher abroad? Fret not. All you need to do is learn about the importance of taking up a TESOL course!

No matter whether you are a fresh graduate, a mid-career professional, an experienced professional or a retired person, pursuing an accredited TEFL course can be highly beneficial. Recognised globally, this professional level training abides by an accredited curriculum which generally includes around 120 hours of instruction, coursework and live teaching practice.

Here’s everything you need to know about enrolling in a TESOL program!

TESOL program in India

What Do You Mean By TESOL or TEFL?

When it comes to teaching English language abroad, both ‘TESOL certification’ and ‘TEFL certification’ are the same. While TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language, TEFL stands for Teaching English as a foreign language. By enrolling in a TESOL program in India, you can show employers that you are qualified to teach abroad, without having the need for any additional teaching certificate.

This is the professional level training required by reputed language schools all over the world for teaching English to native speakers. With a TEFL degree, you can teach in whichever country you like. Pursuing the right course can even be the key to a lucrative ESL career.

Does Every Country Require TEFL Certification?

Wondering if you really need to pursue a TESOL course? Well, it depends on what your career goals are. Countries like South Korea and China won’t hire you if you do not pursue an accredited TESOL diploma in India. While some schools in China may bend the rules, South Korea is very strict about its TEFL policies. Moreover, without a TEFL certification, it will be very difficult for you to find full-time employment.

Develop The Essential Skills

Teaching abroad might seem to be a fun adventure and a great opportunity to travel abroad. But, you need to keep in mind that teaching is a real job which affects the lives of students. Your job will be to teach English to native speakers and that’s not something which you should take lightly.

When you join recognised TESOL online courses in India, you will be able to learn valuable skills like classroom management and lesson planning. You will even be able to develop the teaching skills which are essential for becoming a successful ESL teacher.

Become More Valuable in The Marketplace

Regardless of the country you want to work in, having a TEFL certificate is the key to qualify for better and high-paying jobs. While applying for ESL jobs, your certification will help you get a competitive edge over your competitors. Taking up an accredited course can thus help you become more valuable in the international job market.

Time to join a leading TEFL training institute!


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Know The Importance Of Joining An Effective Teacher Training Course!

Take Up a TEFL Course in India & Embark on a Lucrative ESL Career!

Do you wish to make a career that’s both rewarding and challenging? Taking up a TEFL course can be the ideal way to jump-start a bright career ahead. Wondering how? Well, with the demand for English teachers constantly on a rise around the globe, the opportunities are indeed endless for English speakers from all walks of life.

An English speaker with an accredited TEFL certification can qualify for almost thousands of ESL teaching jobs in dozens of countries all over the world. As a qualified teacher, you will be able to live, teach and travel abroad, getting the adventure of a lifetime. Though it’s true that you don’t need any prior teaching experience for teaching abroad, like any other great endeavour, it takes planning and foresight to move to another country for work.

Below are a few steps you should take to embark on an ESL teaching career abroad!

TEFL Course in India

TEFL Course in India: 3 – Step Plan for Teaching English As a Foreign Language Abroad

  1. Do A Thorough Research On Your Options

Whether you are an experienced teacher or a fresh graduate, you will have questions which need to be answered. From finding out about an accredited TEFL course in India to checking the hiring requirements of top TEFL destinations, you need to conduct a thorough research on your options. You may even get in touch with expert TEFL advisors to know about your options in detail.

  1. Determine The Countries For Teaching English Abroad

Once you earn the TEFL certification from a recognised training institute, you can teach English as a qualified teacher in numerous countries. However, there are many factors which you should consider while looking at the options for TEFL certification and the countries for teaching English abroad. You will have to consider factors like-

    • The hiring requirements for teaching English in various countries
    • The type of TEFL certification you need
    • The amount of money you want to make while teaching abroad
  1. Enrol In An Accredited TEFL Course

Pursuing a recognised TEFL course in India is important if you wish to teach English abroad. This is because it will help you develop the skills that are essential for becoming a successful ESL teacher. Earning this certification will even help you gain employment from various language institutes and schools all throughout the world.

Once you complete the course, you are all ready to start your job search process. So what are you still here for? It’s time to undergo TEFL training for a prosperous career ahead!

Pursue a TESOL Certificate Course & Develop Top Teaching Skills

Do you wish to opt for a career which opens doors to lucrative opportunities all over the world? Teaching English as a foreign language can be the key to a bright career ahead. And, to teach English to the non-natives in a foreign country, you need to get certified as a qualified ESL teacher. Wondering why? Well, it will help you develop the required teaching skills!

Some people have the wrong notion that all it takes to teach English is fluency in speaking the language. But, to teach English as a foreign language, aspiring teachers need to have the right teaching skills. Be it encouraging and motivating students or managing the classroom, you need to have numerous skills to become a successful teacher. It is here that the importance of getting TEFL certified comes into the picture.

Below are the top skills a good TESOL course can help you develop!

TESOL certificate course in India

Vital Teaching Skills You Can Develop by Taking up an Accredited TESOL Certificate Course in India

  1. Time Management

You need to ensure that the curriculum is completed within a specific time period besides allowing students to have their hobby times but engaging them to prepare assignments on time. It’s important for you to organise the day strategically by planning the priorities and still managing to give students the time to relax and lighten up. And, pursuing a TESOL certificate course in India can help you develop effective time management skills.

  1. Patience

If there is one quality that successful ESL teachers have in common, it is the patience level. As a TEFL teacher, you will have to deal with a number of children, each from different cultural and economic background. Since each of these students has different moods and personal thoughts, you will need the patience to handle different temperament and answer to different queries. Remember; it is only when you handle your students patiently can you become a successful ESL teacher.

  1. Classroom Management

Classroom management is another skill and pursuing an accredited TESOL certificate course in India can help you develop this vital skill. You need to have good problem-solving skills and an empathetic attitude towards the problem of your students. You should be able to make the ESL class interesting since it is only when students get interested and are motivated in a subject, will the classroom be managed well.

So what are you still here for? Get TEFL certified and be assured of a prosperous career!

How Can New Nursery School Teachers Plan Lessons Effectively?

Do you strive to make a difference in the society by becoming a successful nursery school teacher someday ? Looking for opportunities which can help you kick-start your teaching career ? Enrolling in an accredited nursery school teacher training course can be the ideal way to fulfil your professional goals and contribute to the education industry!

Today, teachers need to ensure that their lessons are well-planned before entering the classroom. This can quite be a challenge for aspiring school teachers. Planning lessons in a way that young learners are able to understand the core concepts can be very difficult for aspirants with no prior teaching experience. It is here that opting for nursery school teacher training in India becomes important.

Importance of Instructional Strategies

Instructional strategies are tools used by kindergarten teachers to facilitate a strategic and independent way of learning for young minds. Effective learning strategies are used to aid learners in accomplishing learner-oriented goals. Moreover, by using effective learning through these great instructional strategies, the entire teaching process gets easier.

Nursery School Teacher Training in India

3 Effective Instructional Strategies For Nursery School Teachers To Plan Their Lessons

  1. Crossover Learning

For kindergarten students, the world is full of fun, games and enthusiasm. This needs to be integrated into their learning processes too. Teachers should share an equal amount of playful expressions to match up. Moreover, in modern times many educators favour the visual mode of learning. This is because it prioritises every learner and cares their pace of learning individually.

The benefits of using this strategy are –

  • Establishes a great rapport between the students and teacher
  • Learning adheres in informal settings, allowing kids to learn playfully
  • Ensures both social and cognitive development of the student
  1. Context-Based Learning

This is a complete play-to-learn module which even enables contextual-based learning that is processed through experiences. Through this effective teaching strategy, you can make the kids learn the ground realities of life in a disciplined manner. Since many academic counsellors recommend storytelling as the best medium of learning, both parents and educators find these play-to-learn toys as the ideal way.

Benefits of using this strategic mode of teaching are-

  • Students are able to learn new things which would favour their lifelong developmental process
  • Enhances the emotional, cognitive and social development of students
  • Enables team building among students
  1. Incidental Learning

More and more educators are acquainting their students with advanced technology from the early days of their learning. This is more evident with the dominance of e-learning industries where technology has blended with lesson planning. It has been seen that this mode of instruction is much more effective than the traditional teaching methodologies.

Some benefits of using this instructional strategy are-

  • Utilization of technology – driven learning
  • Learning is made possible in a completely unplanned manner
  • The changing behaviour of students is reflected in the way they start perceiving the world

So what are you still thinking of ? Quickly opt for nursery school teacher training in India and be assured of acquiring the skills needed for becoming a successful kindergarten teacher!

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