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The Ultimate Guide To Enrol In Montessori Teacher Training In India

Montessori is one of the most widely acknowledged terms attached to pre-schooling in India. The curriculum has been used all over the world as an effective teaching method for several years. It is as much a philosophy for teachers as it is for parents.

Montessori Teacher Training India

Introduced in the earlier part of the 20th century by Dr. Maria Montessori, this teaching method is now adopted by various schools to guide and lead young children. This teaching method requires a lot of preparation and training since it stresses on interactive teaching model and not one way facilitation in the classroom.

Wondering what Montessori is and why you should enrol in a comprehensive training course? Keep reading to get your answers!

What Is Montessori?

Montessori is a structured approach to imparting education which stretches from his/her birth to 12 years. Its parenting philosophy makes it more challenging to decide on the primary confusion. Since there is no widely accepted definition, several practitioners have interpreted the approach to suit their own principles.

Here are 4 characteristics which are essential to Montessori teacher training!

  • Authorised materials

Montessori students need to be taught with specifically designed study materials for manipulating and investigating till they master the lesson inside.  The use of scientifically designed materials and hands-on approach to learning makes Montessori education highly effective.

  • Multi-age classrooms

One of the most vital characteristics which distinguish Montessori and primary school teacher training in India from all other teaching philosophies is the multi-age classrooms. Students from 0-6 years can study together in the same physical environment. The multi-age groupings enable younger students to experience new challenges through observation.

  • Facilitates development

Students are given ample time to explore the responsibilities and tasks at their own pace without slightest interruption. From selecting an activity to performing it as long as someone is interested in, the uninterrupted work period facilitates the development of concentration, co-ordination and independence.

  • Trained teachers

For performing each of the above tasks, teachers need to be certified in this methodology. Look for trained teachers who have undergone Montessori teacher training in India and are qualified to teach all sections of the curriculum. Trained Montessori teachers understand the importance of allowing your child to develop naturally.

How Can Montessori Make A Real Difference To Young Children?

There is a small and well-designed research for comparing Montessori teachers to their non-Montessori peers. Students start developing greater behavioural and social skills. These students perform much very well in their academics than those non-Montessori peers. It is even said that students who attend Montessori schools start earning high schools in high schools.

How Is This Course Different From Other Teaching Methods?

It goes without saying that Montessori is not the only pedagogy available to the parents of preschooler. Being a Montessori teacher is indeed a very demanding job. You need to take a lot of concentration and preparation on the teacher’s part.

Joining A Reputed Training Institute

While it’s true that there are many training institutes which claim to impart Montessori education, there are only a few which are affiliated to the formal bolds. Look for a renowned institute which allows the best talents to carve a niche for them as pre-school and Montessori teachers. Imparting lessons to students via the Maria Montessori method of teaching allows the students to learn and develop their skills gradually. This learning method helps in facilitating learning among young minds for their physical, social and cognitive development.

Now that you are aware of everything, what are you still waiting for? Quickly find a leading institute and enrol in a comprehensive teacher training course!


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My Life As An ESL Teacher After Completing A TEFL Course

Curious about how a TEFL Course can change your life for a lifetime? Do you often wonder what makes ESL teaching a lucrative career option? Well, I too had the same thoughts running through my mind a few years ago… BEFORE taking the right decision!

TEFL Teacher Training

If truth be told, my life has never been the same since the day I enrolled myself for a comprehensive TEFL/TESOL course at a leading training institute. I got a remarkable opportunity to work and taste success while travelling abroad. Unlike those monotonous 9 to 5 jobs, I am leading a life which I have always dreamt of. I work for the development of the community at large and benefit from an attractive salary package.

To satisfy your curiosity and allay all your fears, here in this blog post I will give you a peek into the average working day of my life as a TEFL teacher. Read on!

A Day In My Life Before Taking Up A Comprehensive TEFL Course In India

Yes, even before teaching, I had a steady job in advertising. I made enough savings to go on holidays once a year. Though I stayed with my parents and had a vibrant social life, there was this thirst for something more. I wanted to make the most out of my life since I had the ambition to travel the world.

I was clueless about the ways to fulfil my dreams and that’s when a close friend of mine came to rescue. She told that pursuing a comprehensive TEFL course in India can be my stepping stone for a career where I will travel and get paid at the same time!

My Day To Day Life As An ESL Teacher

Credits to the rising demand for well-qualified TEFL teachers all over the world, I work with eight colleagues from various English-speaking countries all over the world. What makes my life as an ESL teacher a more rewarding experience is that other than good students, I have great colleagues who make my day fly by.

When My Day Starts

Want to know what makes my life as an ESL teacher so satisfying? It totally depends on me when I wish to start my day. If I have prior plans with my friends or want to hit the gym, I get up around 7:30 in the morning. In case I want to catch up on some sleep, I get up around 9:30 am.

Once I Get To Work

When I reach the private language school where I work in, I am generally greeted by my local colleagues who work at the reception. Before heading to the faculty room, I grab a cup of coffee from the cafeteria, reach my desk and start planning for my classes scheduled that day.

My Teaching Hours

On an average, I usually work for about 6 hours every day, with some additional time allowed for planning the lessons of my students and various activities for students. I even enjoy short intervals between different classes. However, just like any other teacher, even I have back-to-back lessons sometimes.

Now, don’t you think that teaching abroad is indeed a rewarding experience altogether? Quickly join a reputed TEFL institute and see how it turns out to be the best decision of your life!

Make This Children’s Day Special: Ideas for Trained School Teachers

Children’s day is just around the corner and as a trained school teacher; don’t you think that you must celebrate this special occasion with your little ones?

Children want this day to be special and as a responsible teacher, it’s your duty to make it special. They obey you throughout the year and do everything you tell them to do in the class. So, for this one day, you should put in some efforts and make the day memorable for your young students!

Nursery School Teacher Training in India

Wondering how to make the day full of fun and frolic for your students? No worries. Here we have put together some great ideas which you might just appreciate!

5 Great Ideas for Trained Teachers to Treat Their Students with a Special Children’s Day

  1. Give Your Students A Theme

During your early childhood teacher training in India, you were taught how to focus on young minds and it is time to implement those techniques. Keeping in mind about the psyche of young children, give your students a theme to be dressed in on this day. Children love wearing fancy dresses as against the regular uniform.

  • Ask your toddlers to dress up like their favourite animal or flower. This can be a great way to familiarise them with different things.
  • Ask your older kids to dress up like the person they idealise or the profession they would like to take up.

As their teacher, you can dress up like a fictional character or a popular superhero like batman or superman. Kids at the Montessori and nursery level love such fantasy stuff and your efforts will be recognised too.

  1. Surprise Them

Are you a class teacher who treats the children in her class as a family for a whole academic session? Since you have the entire bunch of students to yourself, you can easily surprise them. For instance, you can take a big and delicious chocolate cake or a strawberry cake and celebrate it with your children in the classroom.

  1. Conduct Some Awesome Activities

While undergoing nursery school teacher training in India, you were taught methodologies which are apt for young children who require cognitive, social and physical development. Conducting some fun activities can be a great way to celebrate the day in a way which enriches their growth. You may conduct activities like- reading together, planting a tree, trying yoga, etc.

  1. Entertain Your Students

Remember; how as a kid, you liked your teachers performing? Take the stage and shake-a-leg or two for your students since children love watching their teachers dance. You can even perform various other activities like singing a merry song and asking your students to hum along.

  1. Go On A Field Trip To An Amusing Place

Take them out to the nearest zoological park or an amusement park. You can even take them out for a small picnic to make them feel good and relaxed. As a skilled teacher who has undergone Montessori teacher training in India, you know how important it is to facilitate young minds and thus you can even ask your students where they want to go.

Time to take these extra miles to make it a memorable children’s day and have your students love you!

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