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Educational Administration and Management


The Educational Administration and Management course offered at the APTTI , closely targets principals and school counsellors. If you are a preschool owner or even owner of an institute, you can opt for this coursework. As a candidate aspiring to lead an educational institute, you could also opt for this course. This is a comprehensive and detailed program that enables the candidate to learn more about administration and operations often needed when running an educational organization.

The course is a certificate course that covers all technicalities and materials needed for a candidate to manage an institute properly. In case, you would want to learn more about operational administration and management, this is the course ideal for you. The Aspiring Professional Teachers Training Institute or the APTTI  offers candidates the specific knowledge on how to administer and run an academic institute. The course takes you through an educative journey on how to run an institute with a set plan.

Coursework and its modules

The Certificate coursework in Educational Administration and Management program is a comprehensive program that takes about 4 months to complete. The entire coursework has 4 different phases. This is an internationally accredited certificate that enables you to have global knowledge on running an educational institute. With this program, administrative professionals can learn the skills of managing institutions and utilizing human resources in creative ways to help realize their potential.

The program also provides candidates with the specific knowhow on educational planning, budgeting, sales and marketing, operation management and training processes, along with crisis management. This course enables the academic to learn about latest methodologies to run academic institutions and become a leader. This program arms the teaching professional with techniques of running small to medium and large educational institutes seamlessly. This Certificate coursework is taught for a nominal fee of USD100 or Rs 6,000 only. Each of the phases is listed below:

  • Components of Educational Administration
  • Educational Leadership
  • Human relations in Educational Administration
  • Crisis and Disaster Management

Certificate Course

Eligibility Class 10
Duration 4 months
Fees USD 100 / Rs 6,000