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In case you would like to pursue a course at the APTTI Academy, we have a range of answers to the most frequently asked questions:

This depends on the student and the duration is often mentioned in the site where the course is publicised. It also is dependent on the student on how long he or she takes to complete the course. The students who exceed the time limit of completion, need to pay an amount of Rs 2000for extending it for 2 months.

This is a frequently asked question that has an answer too. Ideally, a student should enrol for one course at a time, however, you could also have access to another one in due time.

A Diploma Course is an advanced level course whereas the Certificate level Course is the basic level course with classes that are not that rigorous. At the Diploma level Courses, you get to touch upon research modules, advanced course materials and case studies.

A lot of the students get access to online courses after enrolment. The candidates are given a unique username and password with a link to the course at the backend. You can log in at any time suitable for your convenience and read the course material with multiple choice questions.

This is heavily dependent on the student. If a student successfully completes the course and is competent enough to undertake teaching at international locations, then it is advisable that you contact the guides at APTTI Academy for expert guidance on the markets where you can teach. Depending on the field of interest you can actually teach in a number of locations.

You can be a working professional with a keen eye for the language, an English language trainer or even a graduate with an English degree. Depending on your skills and interest, you can enrol at the course. You need to be a senior secondary pass out with a degree from High school to enter the course. This is the minimum criteria that the Institute sets for its students. Candidates at the TEFL Course are thus expected to have a good knowledge of English.


There could be many queries before you undertake a TESOL course in a globally recognised institution such as ours. Here are a few questions and their answers:

The need for English language teachers is quite high globally. A TEFL or a TESOL course often enables the teacher to teach in any country of their choice. Those who complete the course can opt for an English language teaching job and rise up smartly in their career.

It is not a prerequisite to speak in another language apart from English. No one is old or young enough to become an English Language trainer.

There are conceptual differences that a learner needs to be aware of before choosing a suitable certified course for you.

This is the most common certification in the English language that is low, cost effective for teaching English to non native speakers. The quality of the course is brand new and updated.

There is no difference between TEFL and TESOL course

CELTA is quite different from TEFL and TESOL courses and has a different course structure and practices in the world.

Yes, you can. Non native English speakers can set a high standard in teaching English language as well, the world over.

To be able to qualify for the TEFL course, you need to have determination, enthusiasm and a whole lot of motivation. Your commitment to the course is vital than anything else. You just need to have an A-level high school or graduation certificate or an equivalent degree, although this may not be mandatory.

There is no rule in the book that suggests one location or country is the best suited for English language teachers to teach. Any country that suits a teacher can actually be the best location for them to teach. For someone else, the same country could be an unsatisfying experience. We offer the information and support regarding preferred locations and their culture, salaries and lifestyle.


If you undertake our Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course, you go through a memorable journey of learning and knowledge. Here are the typical questions you face before you take the program up:

The Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course offers an in depth knowhow of early childhood education. This program is a wonderful opportunity for working teachers to upgrade skills and knowledge in the pre and primary section of teaching.

When you successfully complete the PPTTC program, you are awarded a globally recognised certificate that enables you to teach anywhere in the world today. It is a globally recognised and certified program that enables the teacher to teach across many nations.

Yes, you can actually opt for the online and in class courses easily. With the learning support of the faculty, learners that have no experience in teaching in pre primary level at the international level can be prepared for a career in primary education.

The remuneration depends on the school and the location of the appointment. The entire salary will be enough for you to afford a quality lifestyle.