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Courses Eligibility

Eligibility 10 + 2
Duration 3 weeks
Fees 25000 inr + gst / 399 usd
Level Diploma
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International Teaching Diploma In Pre & Primary Teachers Training With Specialization In Montessori

In class 3 weeks Diploma in pre & Primary Teachers Training with Specialization in Montessori

TESOL institute in India

A teaching career is one of the most noble careers you can hold…You have the zeal to succeed, You are committed and dedicated to step into the rewarding career of teaching…But do you have the right training and the entity of the right brand to ensure success?

Gone are the days when teaching was a one-sided communication process, an imparting of theoretical ideas through words and books within enclosed walls. New techniques of teaching have evolved with time, an improvisation, which has altered the conventional rules of teaching and given way to a living, breathing and exciting fun concept of learning.

For teachers with a difference APTTI has developed the International Teaching Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course with specialization in Montessori which is unique in its concept.

About the course:

The International Teaching Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training Course with specialization in Montessori is an effort on our part to give teachers an ultimate training program for teaching children between the age group of 2-13. For the very first time, various educational approaches and themes are brought together into one course to create a unique elementary teachers training course. It addresses both the needs of pre – school children and elementary or primary level students ranging from 2 to 13 years. However this is also a period of rapid growth. The children develop at all levels, physical, mental, emotional and social. Therefore the teacher has to understand their needs, interest and motivation to make teaching effective. But knowing just about pre-school children will not help the teacher to handle primary students and vice versa, so in order to teach all young learners it is imperative that the teacher is aware of what works at both.

Special feature: 2 days of Practice Teaching gives the trainee teachers the feel of the classroom. The sessions are divided into preschool teaching and primary level teaching practice. These sessions are observed and feedback given to improve one’s teaching skills.

Exercises on Practical Life

  • Stories
  • Rhymes
  • Picture Cards
  • Threading of Beads
  • Nob Materials Handling
  • Puzzles Game
  • Card Matching and Pairing

Developmental Activities

  • Mat-Rolling
  • Chowki and Chair
  • Pouring (solid and liquid)
  • Sorting by Shape, Size and Colour
  • Picture Pairing

Social Behaviour

  • Offering Activity
  • How to walk in line

Taking Care of Environment

  • How to sweep
  • Dusting
  • Taking care of plants and pets

Taking Care of Oneself

  • Combing Hair
  • Washing Hands
  • Folding Napkins
  • Using Frame like Coat Button, Press Button, Shoe Lace, Ribbon etc)

Presentation by students

Sensorial Activities:  (Activity 1: Visual and Muscular Sense i) Cylinder Blocks, ii) Pink Tower; Activity 2: Visual Sense – Colour Tablets; Activity 3: Tactile Sense -Touch Boards; Activity 4: Acoustic Sense -Noise Boxes; Activity 5: Muscular Sense i) Long Stairs, ii) Geometric Trays, iii) Geometric Cards, iv) Baric Tablets)

Discussing about the implementation of the apparatus in our regular curriculum

Presentation by Students 1

Language Activities: (Unit 1: Preliminary Activities on Sound Awareness; Unit 2: Sand Paper Letters; Unit 3: Movable Alphabet Boxes; Unit 4: Reading and Writing Cards)

Presentation by Students 2

Arithmetic: (1. Number Rods; 2. Sand Paper Figures; 3. Number Rods and Cards; 4. Spindle Boxes; 5. ‘0’ Activity and Chit Game; 6. Cards and Counters; 7. Even and Odd; 8. Special Exercises with Number Rods; 9. Decimal System: i) Bead Material and Card Material, ii) Static Part and Dynamic Part; 10. Traditional Names (from Eleven to Nineteen)- First Seguin Frame and Second Seguin Frame)

Presentation by Students 3

1. Importance of music in elementary education; 2. Drama and role play (Activities done by the instructor to make the students realize)

Simulated Teaching:  Simulated Teaching on the following skills (3 simulated teaching on each skill) will be done. (1. Skill of Reinforcement; 2. Skill of Using Black Board; 3. Skill of Using Teaching Learning Materials (TLM); 4. Skill of Stimulus Variation; 5. Skill of Citing Examples; and 6. Skill of Using Probing Questions.)

Computer Application in Education (1. Benefits of Technology Integration in the Education Sphere; 2. Usage of Audio-visual aid in the teaching; 3. Usage of PowerPoint in the Classroom; 4. Usage of smart board in classroom)

Project works assigned to the students

Effective classroom arrangements and management (a. Arranging your Classroom and Supplies; b. Creating Classroom Norms and Expectations; c. Developing Students Accountability; d. Getting off with a positive begin; e. Preparation and Conducting Instruction; f. Controlling Cooperative Learning Groups; g. Maintaining Suitable Behaviour of a Student; h. Communication Skills for Education; i. Controlling Behavioural Problem; j. Supervision on Special Groups)

Giving different situations to different groups as a project

Thematic planning (Advantages of thematic planning; Procedure of thematic planning; How to plan a thematic lesson)

  • Presenting couple of micro lesson plan
  • Project works on language and Arithmetic teaching
  • Project works for EVS teaching
  • Teaching practice Day1
  • Teaching practice Day 2
  • Feedback and Certification

Course fee : Rs.25000 + gst / 399 usd

For outstation candidates accommodation can be arranged during the course. Our representative in respective cities will give all information required to the candidates.


Anyone with a Minimum qualification of 10+2 or similar degree can apply for the course. The course is perfect for -Aspiring teachers, experienced teachers, Homemakers, Career changers and people who are interested in opening a school.

Value of the Certificate

The value of the certificate awarded to the students at the end of the course is quite high. The certificate is internationally recognized and you can get a teaching job in preschool or primary school at any part of the world with it.


We, at APTTI provide 100% assistance in obtaining a placement for all our candidates. We are linked to schools both in India and abroad and our candidates have been placed in many schools and both parties have had full satisfaction with the arrangements.


Duration 3weeks (Full time) Onsite course
Fee Rs.25000 + gst / 399 usd
Date June 2018
Class Schedule Monday-Friday (9am to 4pm)


Duration 3weeks (Full time) Onsite course
Fee Rs.25000 + gst / 399 usd
Date June 2018
Class Schedule Monday-Friday (9am to 4pm)


Duration 3weeks (Full time) Onsite course
Fee Rs.25000 + gst / 399 usd
Date May, 2018
Class Schedule Monday-Friday (9am to 4pm)


Duration 3weeks (Full time) Onsite course
Fee Rs.25000 + gst / 399 usd
Date May, 2018
Class Schedule Monday-Friday (9am to 4pm)