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Montessori Teachers Training in India


The Aspiring Professional Teachers Training Institute or the APTTI  has a Montessori teachers training course that enables the best talents learn about the Montessori training in the age group of 2 to 12 year olds. This course is aimed at teachers that want to carve a niche for themselves as Montessori and preschool teachers.

This method of learning helps facilitate learning among young minds and is especially important for the social, physical and cognitive development of children. Teaching is via the Maria Montessori method of teaching and allows children to learn and develop their skills gradually.

This is a method that stresses on an interactive model of teaching rather than one way facilitation in the classroom. The teachers teach in a way that is unique and this is one of the more successful models of education that is championed the world over. The Online Montessori Teachers Training Course has been developed keeping in mind all the practices Maria Montessori has espoused.

 APTTI Montessori Teachers Training Courses in Detail

Montessori Teachers Training- Certificate Course

If you want to enrol in a comprehensive Montessori Teachers Training Course, then opt for the Certificate Course in the APTTI  for an in depth learning plan. This is a course that empowers teachers to expand their horizons and become trusted aides in learning. The course teaches you educational philosophies and sensorial studies, mathematics and child psychology in en emerging society. Teachers are taught about the challenges each student in the 2-12 years old category face.

The entire course is spread across 120 hours and is taught for well over 6 months. The entire course fee is of USD 150 OR Rs 10,000 only. This is a preliminary course that is taught at the Academy for those interested in teaching young students the various basic principles of the Montessori way of teaching.

For an in depth know how of the entire Certificate Course in Montessori Teachers Training, here is the course structure for teachers and students alike:

The entire course is spread over 6 Modules and the curriculum contains the following sections:

  • Principles of Education
  • History of Education
  • Dr. Maria Montessori & her School of Education
  • Yoga and Nutrition for children
  • Child Psychology
  • Education in Emerging Society

Montessori Teachers Training- Diploma Course

This is one of the best courses taught at the APTTI . This course helps teachers learn about the basics of the Montessori Teachers Training and how the entire course is structured for learners at teh advanced level. Teachers are taught about the training apparatus in the system and have lesson plans devised for each one of them. Most of the teachers are also told to complete an assignment and follow the methodologies of Maria Montessori for children in the age group of 2 to 12 years. The entire Course is spread over 10 months and is 200 hours in duration. The entire cost of the program is at USD 225 or Rs 15,000 and is an advanced course.

The entire course contains the following curriculum is spread over 8 modules:

  • The overall Course Content at the Certificate Level and the entire Montessori Apparatus
  • Along with Comparing Montessori with other Education Philosophies

Montessori Teachers Training- PG Diploma

The entire Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training is an in depth, extensive course that deals with the Montessori’s methodologies and extensively with teaching styles in this particular school of thought. Candidates are taught about everything Maria Montessori suggested in her methodologies. The candidates are also taught about other important preschool methodologies and are taught how to shape up new lesson plans and case studies. The entire structure in the Post Graduation Diploma Courses is of the master level and nearly 240 hours are spent over a period of 12 months. The entire course fee is of USD 375 and Rs 25,000.

Here are the contents of the Course at the Post Graduate Diploma Level, spread across 15 modules:

  • Diploma course content and Methodology
  • Constructivist Teaching Methods
  • Development
  • Social development and emotional development
  • Intellectual Development and Cognitive Development
  • Educational Technology
  • Instructional strategies and Class Room management
  • Effective class room arrangements and materials used for teaching
  • Yoga and Nutrition for children
  • Education in Emerging Society
  • Lesson planning and Evaluation
  • Creating a lesson plan
  • Case study

Certificate Course

Eligibility  Class 10
Duration 120 Hours /
6 months
Fees USD 150 / Rs 10,000
Level Preliminary

Diploma Course

Eligibility  Class 12
Duration 200 Hours/
10 months
Fees USD 225 / Rs 15,000
Level Advanced

PG Diploma Course

Eligibility  Graduate/Diploma
Duration 240 Hours/
12 months
Fees USD 375 / Rs 25,000
Level Master