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Online TEFL & TESOL Course

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The Teaching English as Foreign Language or TEFL along with Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages or TESOL are language programs that are recognised worldwide and are ideal for those teachers who want to build an English language career on a global platform. Though, the courses are meant for English language teachers, other professionals with a knack for teaching and a background in education in general can opt for this course. The online TEFL course is one of the most sought after courses for English language professionals from across the world. This course primarily deals with skills and methodologies that one needs when opting for a teaching job in a foreign land. The main impetus lies in learning essential skills, methods and interactive techniques in language that help learners opt for any teaching job anywhere in the world. TEFL or even TESOL is mandatory for anyone who wants to teach in any subject in Europe, South East Asia and Middle East.

Online TEFL/ TESOL – Certificate Course

This online course is designed for teachers who teach in schools or even colleges and educational institutes. Any other language professional with a skill in English can also opt for the course. The entire Certificate Course spans for over 120 hours and is spread over 4 months. Learners need to spend USD 199 or Rs 12,000 for this preliminary course. The entire coursework consists of 9 modules and has the following courses:

  • The introductory welcome to the world of teaching English!
  • The History of Methodologies
  • Language Acquisition
  • English Grammar
  • Phonology
  • Vocabulary
  • Lesson Planning
  • Drama & Games
  • Reading
  • Speaking
  • Writing
  • listening

Online TEFL/TESOL – Diploma Course

The Online TEFL or TESOL course is ideal for English language teachers or even those professionals that have strong abilities in corporate training and languages. This course deals with the teaching of language skills at an advanced level and has 200 hours of coursework. This entire course is taught for 6 months for a nominal fee of USD 299 or Rs 18,000. This is a comprehensive coursework that involves rigorous training for teachers to equip themselves with skills that match global competition. This course consists of 10 modules:

  • All the coursework consists of the modules taught in the Certificate level
  • Reference materials
  • Research Assignment or Project

Online TEFL/TESOL – PG Diploma with one or both Specialization

The online TEFL and TESOL course at the PG Diploma level is taught with one specialization at the first level. It is the TEFL Young Learners Teachers Training Course, which has a lot of appeal among learners from across the world. In case you are interested in a PG Diploma in TEFL with one specialization then you need to spend 280 hours of class work spread over 10 months. The entire fee for this is USD 375 or a nominal Rs 25,000 for this master course. The course consists of:

  • Learning Language and Teaching Language to Young Learners
  • Four Language Skills in Children
  • Classroom Strategies and Classroom Management
  • Games, Stories and Songs to be used in an ESL classroom
  • Evaluation and Correction techniques for Young Learners

In case, you would like to opt for TEFL and TESOL course at the PG Diploma level with both specializations at the second level, you need to opt for the BETT Course Curriculum. This coursework spans over 360 hours and is spread over 12 months. Learners need to pay a nominal USD 525 or Rs 35,000 for this expert course. The course consists of:

  • Introduction to Business English (features and components)
  • Need Analysis
  • Course Design
  • Lesson Planning
  • The Client Approach
  • Feedback and Evaluation
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Classroom Management
  • Material Management
  • Teaching Business Speaking
  • Teaching Business Writing

Certificate Course

Eligibility Graduate/ Diploma
Duration 120 Hours /
4 months
Fees USD 199/ Rs 12,000
Level Preliminary

Diploma Course

Eligibility Graduate/ Diploma
Duration 200 Hours/
6 months
Fees USD 299 / Rs 18,000
Level Advanced

PG Diploma Course with 1 Specialization

Eligibility Graduate/Diploma
Duration 280 Hours/
10 months
Specialization Teaching Young Learners or Teaching Business English
Fees USD 375 / Rs 25,000
Level Master

PG Diploma Course with 2 Specialization

Eligibility Graduate/Diploma
Duration 360 Hours/
12 months
Specialization Teaching Young Learners or Teaching Business English
Fees UD 525 / Rs 35,000
Level Expert