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Teacher Training Course for Pre – Primary

Pre – Primary Teachers Training in India

TEFL Course in India

The Pre & Primary Teacher Training course by APTTI is a training course that is great for preschool and primary teachers interested in global exposure and challenging teaching conditions. This course opens up new avenues for teachers in educating students in the age group of 2-12 years. This online course is for teachers, created keeping in mind the international theories and methodology of tutors from different backgrounds and experiences. The certified Pre& Primary Teachers are well prepared to take up the job at an global work place. As a teacher who has cracked the Pre & Primary Teacher Training course, it is important that you develop and hone modern methodologies and concepts in your daily life.

Upon completion of the course, teachers can teach from Nursery to Class 5 in any school. This course consists of educational philosophy, knowledge of developmental levels of children and lesson planning with course classroom management.

Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course – Certificate level

The Pre & Primary Teacher Training course has the certificate level course that is popular among the teachers worldwide and in India. This is a comprehensive course that enables primary school teachers along with preschool teachers to reach for the stars. The Certificate Course is of 120 hours duration and can be spread over a period of 6 months. This course has a nominal fee of USD 150 or Rs 10,000. The Certificate course is a preliminary course that helps a teacher be aware of modern methodology and concepts.

The Certificate Course enables teachers to teach from Nursery to Class 5 in any school in any part of the world. The entire Certificate Course for teachers consists of educational philosophy, knowledge of various developmental stages of children and lesson planning along with handy classroom techniques that can enlighten teachers to learn about class control. You need eligibility criteria of completing Class 10 for this course. You could also be a minimum post graduation diploma holder to be eligible for this course at this level. With the modern methodologies and skills, teachers can reach the skies and expand their teaching horizons well into the future. You can take this course up and open new frontiers in global learning.

The entire course at this level consists of:
Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course – Certificate level: 7 Modules

  • Philosophy
  • Piaget, Montessori, Froebel, Regio Emillia Approach
  • Psychology
  • Methodology
  • Direct/Traditional Teacher Centred Approach
  • Hands-on /Inquiry Student Centred
  • Collaborative/ Cooperative Shared Centred
  • Constructivist Teaching Methods
  • Developmental Stages
  • Physical Development
  • Social development and emotional development
  • Intellectual Development
  • Instructional strategies and Class Room management
  • Effective class room arrangements and materials used for teaching adequately
  • Lesson planning and Evaluation

Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course – Diploma level

The Diploma Course of Pre & Primary Teachers Training Course offers teachers insight into holistic education plans that help them stand up in good stead in the world of international teaching. In the course structure, the entire Diploma Course consists of 200 hours of duration and is spread over 10 months. The entire fee for the course is pegged at USD 225 or Rs 15,000. The entire Diploma Course is an advanced level course that offers an entire spectrum of opportunities in Nursery and Preschool learning. The course has case studies and research work that enables teachers to be facilitators in the classroom.

The Course consists of the following content:

Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course – Diploma level – 11 modules

All topics taught at the Certificate level along with latest topics that cover

  • Educational Technology
  • The Process of Creating lesson plan (along with a special project)

Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course – PG level

The PG Diploma course in Pre & Primary Teacher Training Course, teachers get to spend about 240 hours in the classroom, spread over 12 months. The cost of the program is pegged at USD 375 or Rs 25,000. The PG Diploma course is the most advanced level course that enables teachers to learn modern methodologies and skills. The teachers learn to create and evaluate, implement and learn about pre primary and primary classroom education. The following is the course work for the program:
Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course – PG level – 14 modules

  • All topics in Diploma
  • Yoga and Nutrition
  • Case study

Certificate Course

Eligibility  Class 10
Duration 120 Hours /
6 months
Fees USD 150 / Rs 10,000
Level Preliminary

Diploma Course

Eligibility  Class 12
Duration 200 Hours/
10 months
Fees USD 225 / Rs 15,000
Level Advanced

PG Diploma Course

 Eligibility  Graduate/Diploma
Duration 240 Hours/
12 months
Fees USD 375 / Rs 25,000
Level Master