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Privacy Policy

The APTTI Academy is always committed to offering the highest standards in TESOL and TEFL education along with a host of other academic courses of rigour. Personal information is always submitted by the applicant itself and we take proper care of maintain privacy and secrecy of each and every applicant or learner.

We maintain absolute confidentiality when we take in applicant information. We also take in the IP or the Internet Protocol from the system administration that allows access to our website from time to time. We monitor the web traffic and manage the log file users’ access to site files. We keep track of domains the students often visit and then monitor it. The student feels safe in our hands.

We also run some of the most important activities to run efficiently and offer a high quality service to you. Applicant information is always preserved with much concern and saved for later use. We also do not store any information on credit and debit cards of clients. What we save is in accordance to your wishes.

We reserve the right to make some changes to the statement of joining at any point of time. We do not divulge any kind of information to third parties. Your information is often used by the APTTI Academy in ways that are not invasive. We also keep you updated on the kind of services we offer.

We can provide your phone number to third parties as and when you ask us to share details with the third parties. We strictly follow the privacy rules as set down by the government. You can ask for the copy of the information you have shared with us. This is in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. All you need to do is pay a nominal fee for the service.