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Special Needs Teacher Training

sen course

Children with special needs often require that extra bit of help that ordinarily cannot be received in average schools. Special teachers with exclusive skills and adequate training can undertake the coaching of such children. These teachers are always aware of the challenges special needs children face in daily life. At the APTTI , we have special teachers that are adequately trained in looking after children with special needs. Our certified teachers identify the problem early and ensure that the normal development of such children is not hampered.

Teachers with special education training can find employment in various schools, special schools and preschools. They can also join as private shadow teachers that help children learn in schools. The APTTI  harnesses the talent of these special teachers and helps them learn various methods and theories useful while training children with Autism, Mental Retardation and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD. Some children also face enormous hurdles while leading a stable life with sensory difficulties, cerebral palsy and visual & hearing impairment. Our teachers with the special needs training are able to facilitate learning among these children and more.

At the APTTI , we stress on imbibing a set of principles and rules among teachers. This helps them identify behavioural and learning problems in children. How teachers can actually deal with such issues and manage classrooms effectively is the aspect most stressed upon. Teachers who follow the special needs course; often facilitate the learning of special children in any environment.


The Special Needs Teachers Training Program helps teachers identify the special needs in children that are above the ordinary and unique. The APTTI  has three levels of program for teachers specialising in teaching these special needs children. Almost all of these SEN courses are offered at various levels. The Certificate Course offers a preliminary level of study that spans over 6 months and costs USD 300 or about Rs 20,000 for each person.

The entire Program deals with a thorough knowledge of visual and hearing needs, sensory difficulties, cerebral palsy and the learning and behavioural problems faced by children with these difficulties. The Certificate Program on the Special Needs Teachers Training is a comprehensive area of study that has the following 6 modules:

  • The introduction to developmental disorders
  • Developmental theories and milestones
  • Assessment
  • Communication interventions
  • Classroom interventions
  • Alternative therapies

SEN course at Diploma level

Special Education Needs or SEN teachers are often given the knowhow to identify and manage children with behavioural and learning deficiencies. At the APTTI , we help these teachers learn in the most effective ways and manage classrooms efficiently. The Special Education Needs or the SEN teachers are equipped to identify and learn about the behavioural problems most special children have. Thereby, obtaining a Diploma in SEN Program, a teacher can adapt to a wide variety of teaching jobs that are available in the market.

The Special Education Needs Teachers Training Program that is offered at the Diploma level spans over 10 months in coursework. You need to pay a nominal fee of USD 375 or about Rs 25,000 for the entire course. The course is offered at the advanced level and has about 10 modules.

The entire Diploma level courseware covers the following areas:

  • All the topics mentioned at the Certificate level
  • Behaviour Management
  • Cognitive Interventions
  • Parental Guidance
  • Case studies
  • Assignment
  • Project work


At the post graduate Diploma level, the SEN curriculum offers innumerable opportunities for the teacher in you! You can opt for this expert level of the course and carve out a niche for yourself in this specialized field of teaching children with special needs. Armed with a PG Diploma at the APTTI , you can become a shadow teacher or an expert in handling students with Autism, ADHD and learning disabilities. You can also be a smart teacher and increase your chances as an effective class controller.

The entire PG Diploma program is for experienced teachers and is spread across 12 months. You need to pay about USD 450 or Rs 30,000 for the entire program. This is a course that is taught at the expert level and consists of 11 modules.

The following topics are taught at the SEN curriculum at the Post Graduate Diploma level:

  • All topics mentioned in Diploma level
  • Research
  • Reference materials
  • Preparing a sample IEP
  • Preparing lesson plan

SEN Diploma Course with Internship

The Special Needs Teachers Training course is developed keeping in mind the needs of children that want special care and attention. Upon successful completion of the Diploma course with Internship, the candidate can become a special educator of repute and embark on the process of instilling special education in inclusive schools and Special Needs institutions.

The Diploma Course with internship is spread over 10 months and consists of internship that is of 20 hours – 4hrs x 5days. This internship program is specifically held in Chennai and costs USD 450 or a nominal Rs 30,000 at the advanced level.

This Internship is an internationally accepted certificate that can be done at your own pace. The entire course has been developed by licensed practitioners and experts in SEN training and teaching. This is a degree that is accredited by a global organisation and you can get 100 per cent placement assistance post training.

Certificate Course

Eligibility Class 10
Duration 6 months
Fees USD 300 / Rs 20,000
Level Preliminary

Diploma Course

Eligibility Class 12
Duration 10 months
Fees USD 375 / Rs 25,000
Level Advanced

PG Diploma Course

Eligibility For Experienced Teachers
Duration 12 months
Fees USD 450 / Rs 30,000
Level Expert

Diploma Course with Internship

Eligibility For Experienced Teachers
Duration 10 months
Internship 20 hours (4hrs x 5days)
Fees USD 450 / Rs 30,000
Location Chennai
Level Advanced