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Why opt for a teaching career than a regular job?

Teaching is a career that requires specialised skills. It is in many ways not the first career choice for many in the education industry. Teaching not just requires a degree and the necessary skills but also the right bent of mind. But the demand for skilled and intuitive teachers is at an all time high. In case you are looking for a job that requires a teacher of high quality then come for a course at the APTTI . The demand for world class teachers that have a global edge is quite high in the market today. The dearth of quality teachers is driving demand across nations. We at the APTTI  are looking at full time commitments from professionals who are interested in a lucrative career avenue.

Why opt for a teacher training course at our Academy?

The fact remains that English is most spoken language across nations and territories in the world today. It is the chosen language for many in business. For most workers, English is the desired language of choice and some statistics are defining the way the language is being received across the world.

Why is there a rising demand in the teaching career across the world?

The fact remains that English is most spoken language across nations and territories in the world today. It is the chosen language for many in business. For most workers, English is the desired language of choice and some statistics are defining the way the language is being received across the world.

  • About half of the world’s population is young and less than 25 years of age.
  • Countries are now attaching a lot of importance to elementary education and English language training is high on the list of educators
  • Teachers are hired from across the globe
  • With the advent of English as a global language, the demand for English language teachers is at an all time high
  • There are varied subjects that are taught in schools today
  • Technology cannot take away the education jobs in the world today

Teaching careers are now divided into the regional and international sections with an increasing demand for teachers in English. There is a global demand for English language teachers in the Middle East, South East Asia and the Continent. With a growing economy in China, the need for English language teachers is quite high in the Middle Kingdom.

With some of the best professionals from India and the Philippines, UK and the US, the demand for high quality English language teachers is reaching an all time high. At the APTTI , we enable the teachers to reach the skies and touch lives!

Teacher Training Career, Placement & Opportunities

At AP Teacher Training Institute, our team of well-qualified academicians have always taken a stride in developing appropriate courses and programmes for current and prospective teachers. Our strong industry presence is reflected by our rich academic excellence in producing global educators who hold a deep understanding of teaching methodologies which can be put into practice in diverse classrooms. Other than imparting quality training programs, we leave no stone unturned in assisting our teachers in their employment.

Ever since our inception, AP Teachers Training Institute has become an important and popular organisation for early childhood educators training. An integral component of our philosophy is to aid trainees to find appropriate job opportunities. What makes us stand out is that not only does our course educate aspiring educators about early childhood teaching methods and approaches but even assist them in beginning their teaching career with utmost confidence.

Our Pre And Primary Teacher Training

Keeping in mind the evolving changes of the 21st-century early childhood learning environment, at APTTI we equip the aspiring kindergarten and pre and primary teachers with a variety of skills so that they can nurture and develop a child’s skills like reading, speaking, writing and social skills. Our trained primary teachers enjoy ample employment opportunities in childhood education and care services. Other than teaching, they can choose from other career options like course coordinator, curriculum developer, preschool supervisor, etc.

Our Nursery and Montessori Teacher Training

Our Montessori and Nursery teacher training courses deal with the methodologies and principles of early childhood education and teaching with complete emphasis on the ways of teaching since, Montessori and Nursery educators play several roles. We provide excellent job opportunities to our trainees in various renowned Montessori and Nursery schools. With our strong track record and high-quality education, we even help our trainees to set up their own pre-school and become successful educational entrepreneurs.

Our Placement Cell

At APTTI, we understand that placements play an important role in every professional training course. Our institute offers complete placement assistance and support to train teachers who are keen to have a lucrative teaching career. We promptly respond to schools who are looking for well-qualified pre and primary, Montessori and nursery teachers. Key features of our placement cell are-

  • Placement Support Which Boosts Global Teaching Career: Once a candidate completes any of our courses successfully, he/she receives an internationally recognised certificate which acts as a great gateway for people willing to have an international teaching career. The placement support and opportunities offered by our team at APTTI can be very helpful for a smooth beginning of a bright teaching career.
  • Offers Strong Placement Assistance: At APTTI we understand the needs of both- the global teaching market and the educator while imparting teacher training courses. Our exemplary placement assistance and support can be extremely beneficial for the development of the trainees.

Why Choose APTTI?

  1. Well-qualified and experienced tutors who possess profound knowledge that is pertinent to each of our teacher training course.
  2. Accredited by renowned academic institutions and bodies to offer you complete peace of mind.
  3. Teacher training courses which are designed in accordance to the global teaching needs.

Contact us today to know more about the excellent career opportunities.”