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Teaching Jobs abroad

At the Aspiring Professionals Teacher Training Institute or the APTTI Academy, we teach a variety of courses for teachers and professionals with an educational bent of mind. Our certification programs for TESOL or TEFL courses and pre-primary teaching, nursery teaching and ECCE teacher’s training is a popular program that enables professionals to gear up for the next level in teaching. Our learners often surpass all standards in education and can upon successful completion of the course, teach in exotic destinations and get paid a decent salary while enjoying a global outreach.

Upon completion of a TESOL course, learners get teaching opportunities in exotic destinations and are paid handsomely. You enjoy a career that is satisfying and quite rewarding. There are many destinations in Asia, Europe and Middle East along with Latin America that need competent English language teachers. Our learners often travel to amazing destinations and take on the flavour of each country.

Most of these countries have a uniform code for recruiting English language teachers. The candidate has to have a graduation degree along with a TESOL/TEFL certification that helps take them on a career beyond the teaching experience.

We offer the TESOL online courses, TESOL in class courses, TESOL modular courses and TESOL specialised coursework. You can choose from a large number of courses and get attractive jobs upon completion. For teachers at the preschool and elementary level, they often have no knowledge of child psychology and teaching methodologies. At the APTTI Academy, you get to be trained as a professional and learn modern tactics of class control. You can get a variety of regional and international jobs after you complete the nursery and the pre primary teachers training level course along with the ECCE teachers training course.