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Online TEFL Courses for students

At the AP Teachers Training Institute (APTTI), we enable students to get the best training in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) or the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). The TEFL or the TESOL courses on offer are great for teachers that want to get certified in a medium that is globally recognized and accredited by most universities. We offer certification programmes for teachers who want to teach abroad and learn more about English.

Who should do TEFL/TESOL?

This course is designed in such a way so that teachers or language professionals who have a knack for the teaching profession expand their horizons. With a TEFL certificate, you can approach corporate and language institutes to train adults in the Englsih language. The online course has content that is lucid and very interactive.

The entire online course content deals with 4 language skills and new methodologies of second language teaching. If you go for the TESOL course, you can also learn about need based language teaching and grammar. You also learn about lesson planning.

What is the online TESOL course all about?

The entire course is divided into two levels. The certificate level and the diploma level are crucial for your career graph to take off as a global English teacher of repute. The TEFL Certificate course comprises 10 modules and has duration of 120 hours. This is the standard qualification demand for most ESL/EFL teachers globally. Our TEFL course is designed in such as way so that learners spend 200 hours in the online classroom. We also provide reading materials and case studies along with research modules.

Our Collaboration with International TEFL Canada

The International TEFL Canada is a globally renowned TEFL body that helps offer certificates and diplomas the world over. This body offers associations, memberships for TEFL and TESOL candidates from across the globe. It comprises people with decades of experience in the English as a Spoken Language field. Their expertise is unmatched in this area and candidates can actually gain a lot from this partnership. APTTI is a proud partner that has brought the globally recognised TEFL courses to India.