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Tutor Support

It almost a certain fact that all course students at the APTTI Academy get the best of tutor support during the program. We allow you to stay in touch with the tutors at all times. All our tutors are more than happy to help our students at any juncture. Our students cannot be left to their own devices at any time of the day. They need guidance and direction in their chosen fields. Ideally, we at the APTTI Academy believe that evaluation is always a process that should be undertaken at all levels.

Learners go through an evaluation at the Academy at all levels along with the teachers and expert faculty. Feedback is taken seriously and the faculty is extra cautious in offering the best support to students. We also take utmost caution in the way we impart education to our students. We have a 24/7 online help over email and chat. The online tutor support helps our tutors resolve queries and channel the minds in the right direction. There is a strong assessment criterion for learners to pass. These help in retaining a quality talent pool of students. We also offer 100 per cent job assistance post the completion of any course. We offer a job assistance and placement post the successful completion of the course. In this way, you can start off in a career where teaching is well rewarded and has promise.

Teaching English in the TEFL and TESOL courses is a responsibility that is of chief importance to us at the Academy. We ensure that the TEFL course students get ample professional guidance from teachers and faculty at all the levels and course structures. Our tutors are role models and often connect with students over email, chat and phone. Their guidance helps in uplifting the personality of the candidate and allowing him or her to deliver more. All round personality development is crucial for our learners to do well. Apart from the English language courses, we also offer a plethora of other courses such as Special Needs Teachers Training, Nursery and Montessori training along with a lot of other courses that help enable candidates explore the success path.

Our teachers often a have a live video calling service that enables them to talk to their mentors at any time of the day. They often get help and support easily and the needs are taken care of immediately without delay.